The task is logistics. The solution is barth. 


The barth forwarding agency comprises five enterprises and employs 650 staff members. We are your capable partner in the efficient implementation of customized and flexible logistics solutions.  When it comes to transport and warehouse logistics, we can answer all your questions. Supported by the latest technology, we implement solutions keeping the environment in mind.  Since 1997, we have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.  A reliable partner for all your logistical objectives, our forwarding agency offers highly efficient one-stop-shopping solutions. Our affiliates share extensive know-how that benefits the entire logistics group.

The business division „Transport Solutions“
Comprises barth Spedition GmbH, Barth-Rudorf Spedition GmbH and Hansa-Barth GmbH.

The business division „Warehouse Solutions“
Comprises Barth Logistic-Systems GmbH + Co KG and barth logistique SARL.


We offer customized and flexible logistics solutions all from one provider.


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